Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Engineered Bestseller

Gather a group of experienced writers and often the conversation drifts toward the elusive dream: the bestselling book. How do you write and achieve a bestseller? What is the definition of a bestseller?

In my many years in publishing, I've heard and read many different perspectives on these questions. The answer is complex and not something learned in a single place or book from my view. Bestselling books occur in many different ways.

Recently I read a resource that provides insight into these questions and is well worth reading. Eric Kampmann has written The Book Publisher's Handbook. From over 35 years in publishing, Eric Kampmann tackles this question of creating a successful bestselling book with remarkable candor and detail. For the uninitiated, publishing is a mystery and Kampmann breaks down the various ingredients into seven keys: 1) Editorial--an edited manuscript is critical 2) Design & Format: the appearance of your book inside and out 3) Printing: covers the key basics 4) Pricing: covers the pitfalls 5) Sales and Distribution: Explains the players and how to use them 6) Book Marketing & Publicity: Wise counsel in this section 7) The Publisher is You: he encourages every author to take the reins of responsibility.

This book contains six unique case studies and gives the inside story behind some bestsellers including ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL, RICH DAD, POOR DAD and much more. These case studies show the necessity of every author being in the right place at the right time with the right publisher and lend reality to the detailed keys in the first portion of the book.

Whether you are working with a traditional royalty publisher or you have decided to self-publish your book, you can profit from the wealth of experience and detail in Kampmann's title. It is loaded with gems of information and I recommend you get this book.

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