Sunday, November 02, 2008

For Internet Book Marketing Insight

How can you level the playing field for your book to get any attention (and garner sales) in a crowded book market?

An answer you should think about--no matter where you are in the process is through the Internet and more than half of the books are sold outside of the bookstore. Recently I found a terrific resource to help in this area: Red Hot Internet Publicity. This book includes great quotations which are highlighted throughout the book for inspiration like "Eight-seven percent of blog readers are book buyers." (Page 95)

Penny Sansevieri covers the gamut of Internet marketing tools like websites, keywords, search engines, e-commerce blogs, podcasts, Internet Press Releases, virtual book events, autoresponders, email newsletters, Ebooks and cultivating your relationship with Amazon. Each chapter is loaded with ready-to-apply URLs and insight. She writes with experience and authority about a topic where she has intimate familiarity.

In fact, Sansevieri lays out her goal on page 169 saying, "I want Red Hot Internet Publicity to be different. I want you to put down this book with not only a mountain of inspiration, but a plan as well. Book marketing isn't an easy task. It takes time, effort, and lots of sweat equity and most of all, it takes a plan."

Get this book--and let the planning (and success) for your Internet marketing of your book begin.

Even experienced Internet marketer will gain value from a book like Red Hot Internet Publicity. I consider these types of books a success if I only learn a few insights--and with this book I found a number of new tricks to try in the days ahead.

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At 5:47 PM, Blogger Diane L. Harris Left a note...

Thanks for the tip, Terry. The book is in my Amazon shopping cart as I type. I look forward to learning something.


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