Thursday, November 06, 2008

Boost Your Writing Productivity

Each of us have the same number of hours in our day but some people seem to use them much better than others. Last night I finished reading a book from my friend, Bob Bly which came out earlier this year, Getting Started As A Freelance Writer. A prolific writer, Bob and I have been friends for many years.

In April, we were together in New York City and he gave me a copy of Getting Started As A Freelance Writer. I brought the book home and put it on my shelf as a book that I'd like to read--but I did not do it right away. Why? I believe it is the title for this book. I've been writing for over 20 years and I wondered if I needed to read a book about how to "get started."

What I discovered is a book which overdelivers and is much more than it appears on the surface. Many people want to know how to begin the journey of a freelance writer. To learn a new skill like freelancing, you are wise to follow someone who has "been there." Bob Bly writes with authority and wisdom about the details of a freelance writing career.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the writing business for a long time, you can gain vast insight from this book. The book covers the details of so many issues which concern writers like how to get properly compensated, how to concentrate on the main thing you want to do (write), how to run your writing career as a business (and all of the details), what are the range of possibilities for your writing and how do you grow your business.

In the introduction, Bob points out a key distinction of this book: "One thing that makes this book different from other "how to become a freelance writer" books on the market is the experience and financial success of the author." (page 2)

The information in Chapter 13: Maximizing Your Personal Productivity" is worth the cost of this entire book. Bob gives six keys (and the explanation in the book): Don't do everything yourself, don't shy away from the Internet, don't become addicted to Internet chat, don't get up, don't go out, and don't undervalue your time." (page 170-171). Also Bob includes nine ways to increase your personal productivity.

Getting Started As A Freelance Writer is packed with useful information for every writer--beginning or professional. I highly recommend you get this title and study every chapter. I highlighted and flagged a number of pages in this book as I read it cover to cover.

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At 9:26 AM, Blogger Sheila Left a note...

Thanks for that, Terry! That looks really helpful, and I've already ordered a copy with my Amazon gift certificate! (I love the Amazon associates stuff).

I think I've been spending too much time building up an internet community lately and not enough writing, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Avily Jerome Left a note...

Ah, so true, Sheila!

It's hard to balance between building the community and getting caught up in it, and still squeezing in time to write.

I'm really enjoying NaNoWriMo, because it's forcing me to focus on a specific goal, making me pick and choose what else I put in my day.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Unknown Left a note...

I read the earlier version of Bly's book years ago; it became my Bible. I've now had more than 600 articles and 11 books published.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...

Sheila and Avirly, thank you for your comments.

Patricia, Wow, what results from reading the earlier version of Bob's book. Thank you for sharing. In fact, I forwarded your comment to Bob so he could also celebrate your success from his teaching.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger Sheila Deeth Left a note...

Okay, the article intrigued me. And the comments even more so. Time to start making my Christmas list.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Lara Left a note...

Ditto on the Christmas list. Or maybe that's how I'll use the Borders gift card I've been holding on to. Thanks for sharing your review, Terry.


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