Wednesday, March 05, 2008

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These entries about The Writing Life have been a bit thin over the last week. My wife and I traveled to Frankfort, Kentucky to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday last Sunday. The trip provided a vivid reminder why I don't go through Chicago in the winter. Our flights were canceled both directions. On the way out, we spent an extra nine hours waiting around in the O'Hare airport until we reached our destination. Then on the way home, the airline re-routed us through Dallas. If you watched the weather, it was snowing in Dallas on Monday. Our plane was two hours late taking off because of de-icing in the snow. I'm grateful to have gone (and returned) but it did not allow any time for blogging.

One of the greatest challenges for most writers is marketing your work. How do you find the right connection for your creation so it appears in print? The marketplace is constantly shifting as publications start-up and others go out of business. While the "danger point" for many magazines is the first five years of business, even long-term publications have stopped publication. I've seen a number of print publications which will win awards for excellence one year and disappear from the market almost before the award is announced.

Tonight I'm providing you with a rare opportunity ask marketing expert Sally E. Stuart a marketing question. I'm going to grill Sally with your questions during a live telewebcast at 7 p.m. Eastern or 4 p.m. Pacific. You can register and ask your question at: http://www.asksallystuart.com/ And if you can't make the live event, go ahead and register because the call will be recorded and every registrant will receive the links to the recording. Then you can download it to your computer or iPod and gain from the unique content. Also for registering you will receive a chapter On Marketing from Sally's excellent book, Getting Published. You will be able to download this chapter immediately when you reach the confirmation page. You will be able to either listen to the teleseminar on your computer or call in through the telephone. Don't miss this opportunity so get registered now.

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