Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Complicated Than First Appearance

It should be one of my S.O.P. (standard operating procedures) yet I usually forget. Most of these projects such as moving a website or blog are more complicated than it looks at the first appearance. It turned out to be the case for me as well. I attempted to use the free Word Press blog and quickly discovered it has limitations, rules and restrictions. The support person warned me in one of their first responses, that I was dangerously close to them officially taking down the site. I was a bit confused because I know a number of people who do many more fancy things on their blog and websites with Word Press than I was attempting to accomplish. Then I discovered the distinction. They are using the downloaded software which is hosted on some site (for a fee). I'll be making the change but it will not happen as quickly as I was originally forecasting. In the meantime, I have added a button for my blog on every page of Right-Writing.com which is a step toward merging everything into one virtual place. The change over to Word Press is going to take some time yet it is still in the works.

I've been working on my study guide and executive summary for the free instant telewebcast that I'm holding for my affiliates next week. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'd encourage you to sign up and learn about it. If you can't make the time of my scheduled training, then you can listen to the replay of it after the event. I plan to store the entire training session in the private area which is only available to registered affiliates. The tips and training I will be providing work on any type of affiliate program so they are broadly applicable throughout the online world.

As I prepare my study guide, I've been learning how to use SnagIt software. I downloaded the free version last night (good for 30 days). It's a terrific tool to copy anything that you can pull up on your computer screen. You can select it with the tool and save it into a document. Then make this document into a PDF or email it or any other way you want to use it. It's another one of those simple yet effective resources to know about and learn to use because it can be used over and over.

For example, some of the pages that I want to show during the seminar are located in a password protected area. With this software, I can show the pages or a portion of the pages and not lose the teaching opportunity. It's another tool for you to investigate and possibly use for your own writing life.

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Terry, if you're going with Word Press you MUST watch these 13 free videos on how to do so in the most efficient manner.

The two pages containing the videos are below:




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