Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catch My Training Session

Last week I held a telewebcast for my affiliate program. I created a study guide for the session which I used throughout the session. While I didn’t have a large crowd for this session, I did have some participation and it helps to record the material in front of a live audience. A number of people submitted questions in advance of the telewebcast which I used to shape the content of my material.

The training was recorded. I took the MP3 file and briefly edited it using Sound Forge. If you don't know, Sound Forge is a simple software program that allows you to edit sound using identical keystroke commands to Microsoft Word. It requires no programming skills. Besides doing a bit of editing, I added "needle music" to the beginning and the end of the session. The few seconds of music gives the overall recording a professional output. Then I took my edited audio file and created an audio postcard using audio generator.com.

The creation of my audio postcard gave me a tool that I could send to each affiliate. Then the individual can listen to the seminar on their own schedule. Also the audio postcard provides a tool that I can send to new affiliates and provide on-going training. In the days ahead, I will be adding more training for my affiliates. The affiliate program is free and anyone can join and catch my training session. The information that I provided about affiliate programs are applicable to many other affiliate programs on the Internet. I know my training session worked because several affiliates who had not been using the program got started last week after listening to the program.

Why do I invest in such training for others? It's part of my on-going promotional effort to spread the word about the products that I'm creating--and share the commissions with affiliates. You will touch people that I will never reach and I want you to profit financially from your efforts. It's a way for you to gain passive income simply for leading someone toward the product.

Through the more than 70 five star reviews for Book Proposals That Sell plus the endorsements on the book from editorial directors, acquisitions editors, literary agents and bestselling authors, I know this product is helping writers who want to get into the traditional book market. I'm continuing to promote and sell the paperback version and the electronic version of the book. When I was in Southern California on Saturday, I brought my book and sold it. Yesterday I mailed another review copy of my book to an author who may join my affiliate program after looking at it. Many authors believe their publisher should be the on-going promoter of their book. That sort of thinking is out dated in my view. Instead, every author needs to play an active and on-going role in telling people about their book.

If you have a product such as an ebook or an audio product where you can pay a portion of the profits to affiliates, you can get your own affiliate program through the same program that I'm using. My shopping cart includes the affiliate program. The software is web-based and simple for anyone to learn.

If you have authors or would-be authors who go by your website or if you have an e-zine or newsletter of any size or just want to work on developing a newsletter or audience, then I encourage you to join my affiliate program for free, then use my study guide and training session. It's another way to keep growing and learning.

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