Sunday, December 20, 2020

Improve Your Book Images With This Tool


By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

I'm a writer and (if I'm honest) not the best person when it comes to visual presentation and graphic design. When I need a graphic, I get help from others. In recent days, I discovered a tool called MockupShots which is easy to use and has great diversity. The templates and designs are varied for many different types of authors and books. I've been using it and wanted to pass this experience along to you in this article.
MockupShots is simple to use because it is basically point and click. In seconds, any author can load their book into the template and the program generates hundreds of images (no exaggeration). The creators include short videos which illustrate how their program works.  Right now, there is a special on this tool and I gained lifetime access for only $80. For someone like me with multiple books, it made perfect sense.
You add your book to the program, select a design to download, then use it on your website, social media locations, your email list and anywhere else you need an image. Some of the designs are specific to a holiday or season while others are generic which you can use on other occasions. Beyond the stationary images, MockupShots also generates GIF images (which move when displayed). Also this tool generates short videos with your book. There are many different options to easily select, download then use.
Because I am writing this article just before Christmas, I'm going to include holiday illustrations for several different books. From my view, this tool is perfect for:
  • authors
  • publicists
  • book reviewers
  • editors
  • literary agents
  • anyone who writes about books and uses book covers

MockupShots includes a 30 day money back guarantee. In a few days of use, I've also written their customer support several times. I've been impressed with their responsiveness and quickness to correct anything wrong with their program.

I've only been using MockupShots for a few days and still have much to learn about this tool. Hopefully you can see the diversity and importance of this tool for the Writing Life.
I'm enthused about the multiple uses for this MockupShots tool. If I've missed some aspect, let me know in the comments below.

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At 7:45 AM, Blogger DiAnn Left a note...

Great advice!

At 6:27 AM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


Thank you for this comment and feedback. For those of us who are visually challenged (like me with no real designer skills). MockupShots is a wonderful tool that I will be using for many years.



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