Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Valuable Twitter Tool to Locate A Tweet

If you are on twitter, consistent posting tweets with valuable content for your target audience is one of the most valuable steps you can take to build your audience. I've written about the tools that I use and the simple steps I take every day to post this content.

Day after day I'm posting valuable articles and content. Weeks or even months later, I want to find that piece of content. How do I find it? My challenge is there are thousands of tweets in my profile and it's not easy to find something specific.

When I face this situation, I turn to a free tool called Snap Bird. The first step is to authenticate your twitter account. You have to be logged on to your twitter account. It is a one-time process to authenticate your account. 

Then because Snap Bird is logged on your twitter account, you can search for a key word or a person's name or twitter name, or a word that you recall from the twitter post or any number of other ways to do it. This tool is simple and menu driven. I like how this tool is quick and searches through through a number of tweets. If it doesn't find the tweet, then it can continue searching. The program has limitations but often using it, I can locate my missing tweet.

This tool has a specialized use—searching your tweets. For some of you, it may come in handy. I hope so. Give Snap Bird a try and let me know how you like it and the innovative ways you use it.

Can't find an old tweets? Use this free tool. (Click to Tweet) 

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