Monday, August 04, 2008

My Bonus Newspaper

Almost three years ago, I wrote something in these entries about my habit of reading the newspaper. It's a regular part of my day and unless I'm at some remote conference, I usually find a newspaper to keep up on current events and many other things that I gain from reading it.

Today instead of one newspaper, I found two or a bonus newspaper. My carrier must be trying to stir up business for USA Today because he included that paper in the same bag as my Arizona Republic.

I breezed through two newspapers instead of one this morning. One bit of news that you have probably read was about Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer which broke a record for the publishing house. The story was in the Publishers Weekly Enews as well as on the front of the Life section of USA Today.

I've read a number of stories about Stephanie Meyer because she is a local Arizona author. I have never read any of her books but notice Breaking Dawn is the third and final title in a vampire teen series. Also notice that it has been a year since the second book in this series released--which gives pressure and enthusiasm to build for this third book.

As I pointed out recently, scarcity about a product can drive sales higher and higher. I've been enjoying meeting some members of the Triiibe and that membership has grown to over 2,400 people who are networking and learning from each other in a private setting before the public release of Seth Godin's book.

If you are a writer or someone who wants to get published. Here's my question for you today. What are you doing to expand your network and build anticipation about your forthcoming book? Are you actively working on building the network for your newsletter and your audience? That one on one connection to your customer base is important--and can start right away--no matter where you are in the publishing process. Here's a couple of examples that I have created and you could do likewise to help you build your audience:

1. Straight Talk From the Editor, 18 Keys To A Rejection-Proof Submission

2. Where Do You Find A Literary Agent? Use this link to get a list of over 400 literary agents--their names, addresses, phone numbers, email and websites--FREE.

3. Book Proposals That Sell--Extra Special Report. Use this link to get a 90-page free Ebook.

Can you create something that you can give away and help build your audience. The world of possibilities are there.

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