Friday, February 09, 2007

A Matter of Focus

Are you stuck some place with your writing life? Maybe you've started several novels but not managed to finish them. Or maybe you have a half-baked query letter and haven't completed it and sent it out to various magazine editors. Possibly you've started a book proposal yet not submitted it. Years ago, one of the people in my writing critique groups had a whole desk drawer full of manuscripts. He had not submitted any of them. Or maybe the array of writing choices overwhelm you and you wonder which thing to tackle first.

In some ways it's a matter of focus and getting out of stall then forming a plan to move ahead. This past week, John Kremer included a short article about Keith Ferrazzi, the author of Never Eat Alone. [If you don't subscribe to John's free newsletter, take a second to do so because it's packed with great information]. The current issue of Reader's Digest includes an article from Ferrazzi about how to achieve your dreams.

Then Ferrazzi created a simple online quiz so readers could follow through. Check out this tool and it may help you get out of stall and on to the next level in your writing life.

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At 10:27 AM, Blogger Ron Estrada Left a note...

Wow. John has a lot to digest on his site. My copy of "1001 ways" is in the mail. I'll definately be adding his link to by blog.


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