Sunday, December 25, 2005

Something Special

You may be wondering what is special? Christmas is always special because once again we celebrate when God reached out to mankind and sent Jesus Christ. We celebrate the birth of Jesus when we observe Christmas.  While it’s been a special season, I’m talking about something different.

In less than a week or on December 31st, I will mark one year of regular posts about the life of an editor and writer.  As I’m able in the year ahead, I plan to continue these musings about the writing life.

Over the next four days, I plan to try something different—and special. Two published authors, Brad Whittington and Mary DeMuth are going to chat about their writing life. We’ll get to peek into one of these chats (divided into four parts). Brad lives in Hawaii and Mary lives in France. Brad writes fiction and Mary writes fiction and nonfiction. They write for different publishers.  I bring a different twist to this tag team interview. I plan to add a few of my own comments to their chat. It will be different to have a different writer’s voice on these pages. I hope you will enjoy it—and encourage others to take a look during these four days.

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Looking forward to it, Terry.


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