Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Inch By Inch

It’s easy to complain about things which are not happening:

  • editors who don’t respond
  • manuscripts which aren’t finished
  • queries which never get written
  • ideas which never get off the ground
  • projects which never get completed
  • wrong information in print or online
  • ____________ you fill in this one

I’ve got my own list of complaints and problems to wrestle and some times solve. Yet each of us have a choice in these situations—whether we verbalize it or not. We can either focus on these situations or try and be a part of the solution. I’ve chosen to be a part of the solution.

For example, my Book Proposals That Sell is beginning to get into the marketplace and on various online bookstores. This morning I was looking at the top online book sites and searching for my book to see if it was on the sites. In a number of cases, I was pleased to find the book but in the majority of the cases, it didn’t have much additional information about the contents of the book. As a book buyer, I know that reviews, endorsements and other information will help me make a positive decision about my purchase of a particular book. This morning I received an email from a writer who had looked at the book on Amazon.com and the reviews then decided to order the book.

I’m actively working to add additional information about the book on some of the key online bookstore sites. Going into the project, I know I will not be able to “fix” everything or add material in every case. But I will be able to change some of the information. It’s better to try some of it—and make some of it happen—than to do nothing and complain about it. Books-A-Million.com is carrying Book Proposals That Sell but with limited information.  On their help page, I found the right format to submit additional information.  Because I have a lot of this information on my computer, I was quickly able to pull together some additional information and send it to them. I know it will take time for this additional information to be processed and added to the site. In the long-run, I feel it will help the sales of the book and the buyer to make a more informed decision.

I use this same process in my writing. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things that need to happen.  There are query letters which need to be written. Magazine articles to write and book proposals to complete. I’ve got manuscripts to process for my acquisitions editor task and many other things in the works. It’s key to focus and keep it moving forward—at times inch by inch.  The ideas will never sell if they remain unspoken or in my files.  If I have an aversion to marketing, then I need to learn to get over it. It’s part of the business of publishing. If I have an aversion to writing query letters and pitching ideas, then again I need to get over it because that’s how the system works. If I dislike writing book proposals and pitching my ideas in this fashion…..you get the idea.

Keep moving ahead. Follow the open doors for your writing—and keep learning about the craft of writing. Use some of my links for encouragement along your journey. Each of us need to keep moving—bit by bit.

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