Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Conference Alternative

Often in these entries about the Writing Life, I’ve discussed the immense benefits of attending a writer’s conference. It’s a great place to learn about the craft of writing, gain some encouragement from other writers as well as begin to make some solid relationships with different editors and literary agents. I regularly teach at writer’s conferences as well as invest to attend different writer’s conferences. I understand and appreciate the value in each one.

While there are many advantages to a writer’s conference, there is also a cost in terms of time and expense. To attend most of the major writers conferences it’s easy for someone to spend $1,000 when you add the airfare, conference costs and other expenses. Is there another alternative?

One alternative is a product I’ve seen called Everything You Need to Know to Become A Best-selling Author, Lessons from an Anonymous Publishing Giant by Scott Jeffrey with Dr. X.  It’s loaded with information from an experienced New York Times Best-selling author who can’t reveal his identity because of his intimate relationship with a large publishing company.  Follow the link to get the complete information about this package but it has over 7 1/2 hours of recorded conversations with someone who knows the inside scoop about publishing because they have spent over 25 years in the trenches of publishing.

I’ve listened to most of this material. For over twenty years, I’ve been reading books and magazine articles about publishing and writing. I learned a great deal on these CDs which I’ve not seen any where else in print. It’s like going to publishing school and an excellent way to be educated on some of the keys to producing an excellent product. It’s not inexpensive at $297.50 but look what these CDs cover:

DISC ONE: The Winning Author’s Mindset
DISC TWO: Crafting a High-Impact Book Proposal (Part I)
DISC THREE: Crafting a High-Impact Book Proposal (Part II)
DISC FOUR: Deciphering the Publishing Business
DISC FIVE: Landing a Publishing Contract
DISC SIX: Understanding the Publishing Process
DISC SEVEN: Mastering the Publicity Game
DISC EIGHT: Book Marketing Strategies (Part I)
DISC NINE: Book Marketing Strategies (Part II)
DISC TENBONUS CD: The Psychology of Publishing

Because you purchase the audio CDs, you can repeatedly listen to the information and I believe each time you will pick up a new aspect about this business. It’s not easy for anyone to be published and you have to learn the system. This innovative package teaches you a different means to learn about publishing in the comfort of your own home or car.

It’s a solid alternative to attending a writer’s conference and something worthy of your serious consideration.

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