Sunday, April 23, 2023

Help Me Reach This Milestone


By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

There is an ancient Bible verse that says you have not because you ask not (James 4:3). A more modern translation would be dont ask, dont get. Its one of the favorite expressions of David Hancock, the founder of Morgan James Publishing

Recently I noticed that I have 44 book reviews for 10 Publishing Myths. A new friend from a writers conference purchased my book and then added a new review. I specifically asked this writer if he would add a review and he followed through and did it. His five star review was my first new review in over a year. Why? Because I haven't been asking people to post reviews.

Im writing this article to ask for your help to reach the milestone of 50 reviews for 10 Publishing Myths. If you have read my 10 Publishing Myths book, will you post a review? If you have bought the book on Amazon, then that would be a verified purchase review (which are nice but not essential in my view). Ive written Amazon reviews on books that I have purchased other places and books that Ive checked out of my local library. My local library has three copies of the book. If you live near me, you can check it out or if not, you can order it through interlibrary loan. 

If you havent read it, why not? I make it inexpensive for you to get this important book. In fact, several years ago (before the pandemic), I spent several days taking a $5,000 book bootcamp where I set up this site to sell this book for only $10 including the shipping postage. It comes with over $200 of bonus gifts. If you havent gotten this book, I encourage you to check out this resource and opportunity.

I wrote 10 Publishing Myths for several reasons. First, I meet many authors who have unrealistic expectations about what will happen with their book such as my book is going to be a bestseller or my book will make a lot of money. While they say these statements, they have no action plans for those statements to come true. 

There is a second critical reason I wrote this book. From my decades in publishing, I have seen many of my own book plans and dreams crash and not happen. Its because much of the publishing process is outside of what the author can control. In each chapter of 10 Publishing Myths, I include a practical MBA or Myth Busting Action which every author can take achieve--even if you self-publish. 

You dont have to get the book directly from me. It is broadly available in any bookstore whether online or brick and mortar. 

Even if you dont get my book, I encourage you to look at this page I created to promote my book. It includes sample social media posts, links to a book review template and other tools for you to help me spread the word about my need for some more book reviews. Or you can use the ClickToTweet at the bottom of this article to spread the news. 

I hope this article will also give you some ideas about action steps you can take to tell others about your book. If you find a good idea here, please take it and use it for your book. 

One final time, Im encouraging you to get 10 Publishing Myths, read it, then write a couple of sentences of review. Heres hoping you will take action. Will you help me reach this milestone with my book? What insights did you learn for your own books? Let me know in the comments below. 


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