Sunday, January 29, 2023

Handling Disruption

By Terry Whalin

I believe disruptions happen to every writer. The critical question is: when it happens, how do you handle disruption in your writing life? Each of us face health issues with ourselves or a family member. Or we have family issues that take us away from our writing. Or our equipment has technology issues and it disrupts our writing. 

In recent days, my computer was attacked. As I sat working a sign blocked my computer saying something like security update dont turn off computer. A hacker had gotten through to my computer, put up this sign and was messing with my computer. When the sign was removed, everything on my computer was upside down. The bar normally on the bottom of my screen was on the top. The icons and everything else was upside down. It was a total disruption to my writing and work.

Determined not to be hindered with this attack, I pulled out my laptop and began to work on that machine. In addition, I scheduled a session with the Geek Squad to take my desktop to be fixed. For a couple of days I worked on my laptop then the Geek Squad told me my machine was repaired. When I brought it home and hooked everything up, my screen was still upside down. 

According to the technicians, my monitor remembered my old settings. I disconnected everything and hauled it back to the Geek Squad. I took an additional step to purchase a new desktop computer and monitor. It was a change I had not made in ten years going from Windows 8 to Windows 11. These changes were disruptive to my writing life but overall I continued working inspite of them which is a critical action step. 

A new computer involves reinstalling old programs and getting them working including my printer and other devices. At the present time, not everything is working but the critical elements like my printer are connected and working. The change is a work in progress and each day is improving. 

Last week I was on an Ads for Author webinar about how to use Tik Tok to sell books. Thousands of people gathered for this workshop but the Go Webinar technology didnt work and after a few minutes of not getting it going, they cancelled the workshop. The Ads for Author training course is only open a few weeks each year. I encourage you to explore the link and take the course if you want to learn to use these tools--which bestselling authors use to sell books. 

From these experiences, I want to give you several lessons for your writing life:
1. Disruptions happen to each of us
2. Dont let the disruption stop you or derail you
3. Figure out how to keep going. If you pause and think about it, you can often determine a way to keep writing.
4. Build some padding into your deadlines so you can still meet them.

For whatever you write, your persistence and perserverance are key qualities for each writer. How do you handle disruption? Let me know in the comments below.

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At 1:02 PM, Blogger Carolyn Howard-Johnson Left a note...

The way you practice "SharingwithWriters'--that is the sharing of how to handle diversity, stress and more--always warms my heart. And they often come just when I need them!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


Thank you for this comment. As writers we need to continue forward inspite of the disruptions.



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