Sunday, December 05, 2021

Publish In Many Different Places

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

As an author, I encourage you to write and publish in a variety of places. As your work appears in different places, you reach new audiences with your message. In this article, I want to give you several recent examples where I've been doing this process. As you look at the various articles, I hope it will stir you to take similar action for your own writing. The world contains many opportunties for each of us—but we have to actively get our work into the market on a consistent and regular basis.
Notice each of these websites have different audiences yet they are all in the area of writing and publishing. It's because the writing community is the audience for each of these articles. Who is the audience for your writing? Who are some of the leading bloggers and communicators in your area? I'm talking about people you read their material and admire their work. In some ways these people could be considered competitors to your work but can you take a different mindset and change them into someone you can cooperate and help. Do they have books you can read, review and promote to get their attention? Do they allow guest bloggers on their website or blog? Do they have guidelines for guest bloggers (be sure to follow their instructions if they do)?
I've received email pitches to be a guest blogger. Many of these pitches don't even have my first name in th email and were probably spammed out to many people at the same time. I don't answer these emails but simply mark them as Spam and they are deleted. What does that tell you about successful pitching? Personalize every pitch to guest blog. Use the person's name in the opening line and say something personal about their blog—a new entry you liked or something that shows you know what they are publishing—then you make your pitch.  Capture their attention so they know you are pitching only to them, then make your pitch.
While I hope these questions have stirred some ideas and potential places for you to write, I'm going to show you four different places that my writing has recently appeared. As you read these articles, notice my bio and what I've done in each one to provide links to my books to purchase, free information to resources I'm giving away (if they join my newsletter) and links to my social media. I've also provided images in my bio which tie to my writing. You can follow a similar path as you write other places. You are only limited by your own creativity.
The Challenge for Every Book Author. Every author faces an important task: deciding how they will publish their book. This process is what I wrote about in this article.

Publishing Assumptions. With a few keystrokes on Google or reading a few online posts, authors make decisions about publishers without actually exploring the company, speaking with the editor and their authors. It's what I wrote about in this article and caution against making these assumptions. 
Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer's Conference Blog: I'm Tired Of Pitching My Writing. It's a common feeling among writers—whether they verbalize it or not. They are tired of pitching. I tackle this topic head on and explain how pitching is a part of every aspect of publishing. Yes you may be tired of it but if you want to get published, you have to pitch and learn to pitch with excellence. You can read the details in this article.
Almost An Author: Thrive In the Quiet Holidays. Every year like clockwork, email and phone calls come to a screeching hault. It's the time of year right before Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. As a writer, do you simply pause during these months? It's not what I recommend in my article. Instead I give some strategies to thrive during this quiet period.
From reading these articles, you can see I'm a glass half full type of person. I believe there are many opportunities for each of us to get our writing into print online and in print. The market guides are filled with publications who are actively looking for writers and content.  You simply have to pitch something they want you to write.  
Are you strategically trying to get published in different places. Let me know in the comments below.

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