Sunday, February 25, 2018

An Amazing Legacy Built One Day At A Time

Early in the morning last Wednesday, I learned about the passing of Billy Graham. Because of my biography about Mr. Graham, my phone and email have been intense with contacts from media. 

For example, I did three interviews with the BBC in the UK on Wednesday. On Thursday, I began radio interviews with East Coast stations at 5 am in Colorado and it continued throughout the day. I'm thankful for each opportunity to talk about the remarkable life of Billy Graham. Here's an example of one of these interviews with Keith Alan at 57th Street Media in Tampa, Florida (just follow the link to listen).

Mr. Graham preached the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ face to face to more than 215 million people (more than anyone else on the planet). Countless others heard Billy Graham through television and radio while others read his books and his articles in newspapers and magazines. The impact of his life work can't be explained.  Mr. Graham has left an amazing legacy. His ministry will continue through his son, Franklin and his grandson, Will plus others at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Many in the media have been asking me about the legacy of Billy Graham. The concept of legacy boils down to his impact on the world and his singular message: that each person has to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. From my personal experience and writing about Billy Graham, I saw his life as focused on service to others. Mr. Graham was humble man and lived each day with integrity. Some of the basic principles of Mr. Graham's life and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association were formed in 1948 in Modesto, California and a document they created called “The Modesto Manifesto.”  If you want to know more about the Legacy of Billy Graham, I encourage you to watch these short videos and celebrate a life well-lived.

Writing and publishing has been the consistent focus of these articles about The Writing Life. Each of us need to consider our own reputation and legacy. Our reputation or legacy is built one day at a time. As I get older time seems to pass more quickly and as Mr. Graham often spoke about, each of us will one day die. Day by day, what are you writing that will last? What is the purpose of your writing? Is it to entertain or to instruct or to help others? It is valuable for each of us to take some time to consider these questions about our writing.

What lasting legacy are you building with your writing? Let me know in the comments below. 


Writers build their legacy one day at a time. Learn more details here.  (ClickToTweet)
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