Friday, August 24, 2012

Propel Your Writing To A New Level

Writing is an isolated discipline. Each of us write alone then fire our submissions off to editors or agents and hope some sees something worthy to be published. Or we give it to our spouse or a friend who will only give praise and not wise advice for improvement.

Every writer or would-be writer can profit from the insight and information in THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITERS GROUPS THAT WORK. Author B.J. Taylor knows from many years of personal experience what works. In the opening pages, she writes about her motivation saying, "Out of desperation to keep my passion alive, I started a writers group. The members were all writers, sure, but I thought of them as cheerleaders. They were just what I needed to keep writing, keep submitting, keep doing what I needed to do in order to be published."

Whether you are meeting face to face or online Taylor has detailed information about Who, What, when Where and Why. These specifics are for every writer. She says, "In order to be successful at reaching a wide audience, you need to bounce your stories off others first. Your writers group can help you fine-tune your writing so that it hooks an editor from the very first sentence. Your writers group will encourage and motivate you if you're feeling down when you receive that seventh nonacceptance letter in the mail. Your writers group will listen to your second, third, fourth, and even fifth revision of the same article, and will applaud when they feel you've reached the point where it is finally ready to send out."(page 2)

If you are stuck with your writing and need a boost, I highly recommend you get THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITERS GROUPS THAT WORK. Then read the book and apply the information to your writing life. It could be your breakthrough moment if you take action.

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