Sunday, April 29, 2012

Power-Packed with Ready-to-Use Information

If you are looking for a way to increase the visibility of your business and establish your authority or expertise in your field, then you need to get a copy of OWN YOUR NICHE. As Chandler writes in the introduction, "OWN YOUR NICHE is about getting visibility with the right audience online and offline in a high-integrity way. It's about checking in with your instincts, questioning the advice you've heard and communicating with your audience with authenticity, in a way that feels right to you." The book is a rich balance between how-to information combined with insightful examples and additional resources.

In the final portion of the introduction, Chandler identifies her audience saying, "The strategies in OWN YOUR NICHE are geared toward service-based businesses including consultants, coaches, speakers, authors, doctors, attorneys, financial professionals, creative professionals, freelancers and businesses of all sizes that provide a service because you have a unique opportunity to reach a niche audience online with great content."

Each chapter is loaded with details like how to establish your authority in your field (chapter 2), build your audience and engage community (chapter 3), turn your website into a client conversion machine (chapter 4), increase website traffic (chapter 5), hype-free internet marketing (chapter 9), internet revenue streams (chapter 12). Each of the 13 chapters includes a detailed example of a successful person practicing the methods for that chapter called an "entrepreneur interview." I found these interviews insightful.

Grab your yellow highlighter when you read OWN YOUR NICHE because you will definitely need it so you can apply this useful information to your business. I highly recommend this book.

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