Sunday, March 18, 2012

Use Teleseminars to Connect with Readers

If you are an author, you want to connect with your readers. Because as you connect with them, they learn about your book, talk about your book and tell others about your book. This type of viral spreading of the news about your book does not happen without a plan—at least in most cases.

On a regular basis, I use teleseminars to connect with my audience. If you read these entries about the Writing Life, over the last few years, I've held a number of teleseminars with different guests. Each one tackles a unique topic. Each of these sessions are recorded and the recordings provide on-going teaching and training for others. The tool that I've been using for my events is InstantTeleseminar. You can use this link to find out more about this resource and even get a 21–day trial.

Because of the global nature of the Internet, these teleseminars are not just United States or North America events. They are worldwide. I've had people on the call in Europe or Australia or Thailand.

Teleseminars are a terrific way to build relationships with readers yet many authors don't use them. Maybe they don't know how to use the technology. Or they are unsure what to teach or how to use the event and how does it connect with their books. There are many potential questions.

On Tuesday, March 27th, I'm hosting another event called Teleseminar Secrets for Authors. I'll be grilling my friend, D'vorah Lansky, author of the Amazon bestseller, Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online. This event is for every author—whether you write fiction or nonfiction. Teleseminars are a valuable tool for everyone.

I encourage you to ask D'vorah a question about how to use teleseminars to connect with readers and sell more books. If you don't have a question, then mark “no question” in the box and register with your first name and primary email address. You will reach the confirmation page. At this page, you can mark it to return to a live webcast on March 27th and you can have immediate access to a Special Report from D'vorah: 7 Teleseminar Tips and Tracking Sheets for Authors.

If you can't make the live event, I encourage you to go ahead and sign up. The event will be recorded and everyone who signs up will receive the link to the replay. With the replay, you can download the recording to your computer or iPod and listen to it on your schedule.

I'm excited about the teaching for every author about Teleseminar Secrets. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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