Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get My Step-by-Step Proposal Help

During the last seven years, I have a stream of writers who have contacted me in person or on email. They tell me about the life-changing results from Book Proposals That Sell. They studied the book, used it to write and shape their book proposal and pitch to an agent or editor--and snagged a literary agent or a book contract--when before they had been getting rejected.

I wrote this book as a frustrated acquisitions editor. Each day I searched through the submissions from authors and received incomplete, inadequate and at times strange pitches for book ideas. These authors were not giving me what I needed to champion their projects within the publishing house. I wrote the book to be an agent of change and help writers succeed with their dreams.

While the reactions to this bestselling book have been gratifying., to be honest, the book is not without it's critics. On a regular basis, I hear about the perspective of Book Proposals That Sell--that it is geared toward nonfiction writers. Sometimes novelists will return the book or ask for a refund if they have purchased it online. Early on in this book, I mentioned that it is geared toward nonfiction writers.

Many novelists have gotten a lot of great insight and information from the book--at the time of the writing (key), I was immersed in nonfiction as an author--and as an acquisitions editor. I had spent a fair amount of time in fiction but I didn't work that information into this book. The critics continue as people purchase the book and study it.

Nothing has been changed in that book for years. However as an author and communicator, I have changed and grown and improved. For example, for three years I acquired fiction for Howard Books (a part of Simon and Schuster). I read thousands of submissions and championed novels for the publisher. Also I spent several years as a literary agent--again selling fiction and nonfiction to publishers during this period of my career--and learning a lot of information not built into Book Proposals That Sell.

I've decided to take action on these elements and have developed a new teaching strategy for book proposal creation. I've not seen anything like it in the book publishing marketplace. You can learn about it at: www.writeabookproposal.com. It is a 12-week program to teach you step-by-step how to create an excellent book proposal and sample chapter. Each week during the program, the participants receive a lesson on part of the book proposal creation process along with a specific assignment. The course builds the proposal and sample and at the end of the program (provided you follow the instruction), you will have a solid pitch for your book idea--whether fiction or nonfiction.

To launch this product, I'm holding a free February 22nd teleseminar on proposal creation and marketing. Feel free to ask any question about proposal creation and marketing. I will answer them live during the event. If you can't make the event, don't be concerned because it will be recorded. Anyone who registers for the event, will receive the link with the recording.

In addition, I've created a new Ebook that you can get free just signing up and asking a question. The ebook is called Acceptance or Rejection? 5 Strategies That Make a Difference. When you reach the confirmation page, you can immediately download this free Ebook.

After the event, I will change the teleseminar into an evergreen mode so it will continue to serve you for the days ahead. I look forward to helping you step-by-step to create excellent book proposals.

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