Friday, March 28, 2008

LinkedIn and Book Reviews

Months ago I started receiving invitations to join the business network called LinkedIn. When I got those emails, I hit the delete key and ignored them. Because I've independently built large network of contacts, I questioned the advantages of LinkedIn.

Finally I took the plunge and joined the system in a few minutes and ever since I have been adding to my LinkedIn connections. An estimated 20 million people are using LinkedIn and I've restored a number of lost relationships through this network plus I've made a number of new connections through this system.

Here's my own profile on LinkedIn:

View W. Terry Whalin's profile on LinkedIn

If you are a part of LinkedIn and a regular reader of The Writing Life or my Right-Writing News or we have some other connection, let me know and send me an "invitation" so we can connect.

Recently I read the book, I'M ON LINKEDIN NOW WHAT??? by Jason Alba. I suspect the majority of the people who use LinkedIn need the quick start information in Jason Alba's well-written book. It's easy to digest and the explanations are clear. I picked up a number of solid insights from this book and recommend it. If you use I'M ON LINKEDIN NOW WHAT???, you will increase your effectiveness and visibility among the millions of people using the LinkedIn system. It's worth your attention and reading time.

If you scan down the reviews on the Amazon page, you will notice that I wrote a review of this book (and here's the permanent link to that review). Notice that each review has a permanent link to lead you right to that review. If you are going to take the energy and effort to write these Amazon reviews for your friends or just write them for books that you read and want to support, take a few minutes for some additional action steps.

First, let the author know that you have reviewed their book. You will be surprised the connections that you will establish in the publishing community through this step--even if you had no prior connection to the person. If you don't have a relationship with this author, you can track them down through LinkedIn or Google or some other method. Let them know about your review and send the permanent link and you will be surprised at how often you will receive a response. It's something that I have been doing for many years.

Second, write the publicist or marketing person at the publishing house about your review and send them the permanent link (assuming you've said nice things in your review and given the book a Five Star rating). The volume of magazines, ezines and other types of ways books are reviewed can be overwhelming at the publishing house. Even when the publisher is using a "clipping service" where they receive copies of reviews which have appeared in magazines and newspapers and other print publications, your review can be overlooked and missed. But if you take the initiative and send it yourself, it will be appreciated and you will build credibility with that publisher. I did not know the publisher or the author of I'M ON LINKEDIN NOW WHAT??? but if you look at my LinkedIn connections, you will notice the publisher's name and the author are both added to my connections. It's something else you can do to help your own writing life with your own specialty.

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