Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Reviews : A Missing Piece For Many Authors

For many authors, book reviews are a mystery. They have no idea how book reviewers select the books that they write about. Nor do they know how to get review copies of their books into the right hands of the decision makers. Many authors have no idea that they can do anything about book reviews. These authors wrongly believe that if they write a great book, then it will be reviewed in journals and magazines. Yet they are simply hoping that because they've written it, the readers will come to their book. It's simply not true.

In 2010, there were over 3.1 million new books that entered the marketplace. This large number does not account for the books published before 2010. Just follow the link and review the numbers. Every author has to take action and be actively involved in the various aspects of promoting and telling people about their book. One of those aspects is book reviews.

To help you know more about the details of book reviews, I'm hosting a live teleseminar on Thursday, September 8th with Dana Lynn Smith. You can ask a question and register for this live event at: http://yourbookreviewed.com. Also you can pick up a copy of Dana's free report, The Real Truth About Getting Book Reviews, when you sign up for this event.

If you can't attend the event, then go ahead and sign up because it will be recorded. Everyone who signs up will receive a copy of the recording following the event.

Dana has a new Ebook, How To Get Your Book Reviewed. If you check out her Ebook, you will notice several bonuses—including my 32–page report, Why Book Reviews Matter. You will get the inside scoop through the free Ebook, the teleseminar, Dana's Ebook and the bonuses.

This information will add a missing piece for many authors to your plans to market your book and get it out to the reading public. Hope to speak with you on Thursday.

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