Monday, May 08, 2006

Two Articles With Same Theme

Some writers are genius at remarketing their magazine articles.  They take a magazine article and rework it or simply package it as a “reprint” then send it to another publication.  I’ve heard some writers talk about having several hundred reprints circulating at any given time.  It’s true and I know firsthand from some of my magazine work that you can make as much money on the reprinted articles as the original one. Also the article can get much more exposure to the audience in multiple magazines than a single one.

In the last week, I’ve got another twist to this reprint idea. You can query several different places at the same time. Then write different articles for each publication. One magazine will want a smaller article while another one will be open to a longer piece.  I have two articles to show you this type of situation. I wrote both articles about the Sounds of Hope Conference recently held at the Billy Graham Center in Wheaton, Illinois. It was an invitation-only conference and I had the opportunity to write about it in a couple of places.  One article appeared in The Christian Examiner newspaper. From the assignment, it was a shorter article.  Also I was able to write a longer piece for a news service. Each of these stories are gaining a different and broad readership.

Two More Book Reviews

I continue to review books and last week two more of my reviews appeared on Faithful Reader.com. They are: Surprised By Remarriage by Ginger Kolbaba. It’s a well-done nonfiction book and I’ll see Ginger in a few weeks at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.  Also I reviewed The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney by Randy Singer which was a great suspense read. 

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Good comment. I've done this for years. One time I did five articles about shyness from one research effort. I sent out fourteen query letters and then slanted each article differently, used different quotes, and outlined it differently.

It certainly is an example of working smarter and not harder.



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