Saturday, April 01, 2006

Eliminating the Negative

This weekYour Best Life Now the New York Times printed a fascinating article about Joel Osteen, known as the smiling preacher and pastor of one of the largest churches in the United States.  Every now and then I manage to catch one of Joel’s programs on television and I almost always find it uplifting to my spirit.

I do have a small problem with one sentence in this article: “Mr. Osteen (pronounced OH-steen) said he would write the second book, like the first, on his computer, without a ghostwriter, based largely on his sermons.” I’m unsure how this inaccuracy crept into the article (it happens many different ways) . I happen to know Osteen worked with a ghostwriter or maybe he is called an editor. Whatever your term, there was a solid force of behind the scenes help for the writing of this book. It was not me but I do know the person Osteen worked with as a writer for the best-selling book. 

No matter how the book was produced, you certainly can’t argue with the success of it and it’s continual perch on the nonfiction bestseller list.

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Terry, I posted on the Master's Artists about the new deal in a post called "Millions and Ministry" and received quite a bit of feedback.

Millions and Ministry

Thank you for an interesting post today.


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