Thursday, June 30, 2005

Some Links Worth Checking

Several weeks ago in an entry on The Writing Life, I pointed out an article in the advertising section of The New Yorker magazine by Meakin Armstrong titled, “The Stories Behind the Best-sellers.” This article wasn’t online but only in an advertising section of the magazine. Later that same day, I received a note from Meakin thanking me for the mention. The experience reminded me of the public nature of these entries. It’s a world-wide community that we tap through blogging.

Yesterday I received another email from Meakin, who is in Russia for a project. I learned the complete article is now online. Leaders of major publishing houses talk about what makes a bestseller. It’s an article worth reading.

If you read these entries very often, you will know I love reading the local newspaper. Yesterday on CNN Inside Politics I learned about an online location which shows the front page of newspapers around the world.  To me, it’s a fascinating resource. If you want to see these front pages in a different format, check out this link to see 409 front pages of newspapers from 45 countries.

I live near the northern border of Scottsdale, Arizona. The Cave Creek Complex Fire has burned more than 172,000 acres over the last nine days. Today I can taste and smell the smoke from this fire when I walk outside.  While the fire is 40% contained on the southern edge, it’s not contained at all on the northern edge of it. I found a place online to monitor the firefighters progress on this local (yet internationally covered) event.

You can do a great deal of research for your magazine articles or book proposals sitting down at your computer.  It’s worth investing a bit of time to learn (and continue to learn) how to do this type of research. It will improve your writing skills.

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