Sunday, April 28, 2024

Unfulfilled Dreams (And How to Move Forward)

By Terry Whalin

Do you have dreams and plans for your future which have not happened? Its true in my life and work in the publishing community. I have books to write, places to speak, articles to write and pitch, authors that I want to get into print and much more. In this article, I want to give you some ideas about unfinished dreams, how to handle them and keep moving forward to achieve them. As I go through some of my unfulfilled dreams, I encourage you to think about your own writing life and the things you have not accomplished but still want to complete.

--I have authors who have submitted their work to Morgan James and I need to process and move it forward. Working for a New York publisher as Ive been doing for the last 12 years, there is an internal process to follow and Im the person to drive these authors and get them a book contract.
--I have meetings to set up with these authors and move their submission ahead in the process.
--I have to make follow-up calls and emails to authors who have received a contract yet not made a decision about whether to sign it or not.
--I have many other unfulfilled tasks and dreams for the authors Ive brought into the publishing house and need to encourage.

As a writer and author:
--I have several books that Id like to write and publish. The stories are mostly in my mind and not on paper (not a good thing). 
--I have books that need need to get in front of more people to help them know about them and purchase them. 
--I have articles to pitch and write for various publications--in print and online.
--I have stories from others that I want to help get into print and into the world.

As an online marketing author:
--I have websites and products that I need to do more promotion and reach different audiences with them.
--I have some websites and online courses which are not working properly and need correction.
--I have online websites Ive purchased and not built or launched the planned products on them.
--There are many more elements I could add here but you get the idea of the unfinished business.

As a learner:
--I have online training courses (some of them an expensive investment) which I have not heard or used.
--I have training that I have read or heard yet not applied the information to my marketing and writing life. I know getting the information is only the first step but the real work is in the implementation.

As an author:
--I have books from other authors and publishers that I have not read nor written reviews.
--I have books that I want to learn from but haven't read nor applied to my life. 
--I have audiobooks that I plan to hear and learn from the information.

As a person:
--I need to get outside and increase my movement or exercise for my health.
--I need to drink more water and better monitor my food intake.
--I need to become a better listener and increase my love and devotion to God and my family.

Even if you skim this lengthy list of unfulfilled dreams, you can see there are large numbers involved.

How to Move Forward

While I work hard on these different tasks and goals, I'm realistic and understand that I end each day with unfinished tasks. My method is to keep inching my various tasks forward. Some of them will be more rapid than others but every day I keep chipping away at the various unfulfilled dreams.

None of us can predict our future, our health, the lives of our family and much more. Each of us have the same 24 hours in a day and cant go back and redo yesterday. Instead we have to seize each day with celebration and gratitude. What is your way forward for your unfulfilled dreams? Let me know in the comments below.


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