Sunday, October 08, 2023

If You Are Missing Something

By Terry Whalin

Its been proven social media posts get better visibility and read if they include an image. What actions do you take if the article you want to use does not have an image? Im going to share the details about what actions I have been taking in this area.

My actions stem from a key philosophy: to take 100% responsibility for my own success. I cant fix what others are missing but I can take responsibility for what I do

Early on in my writing life, I learned that when I wrote for a magazine, I could not control what changes the editor made and eventually got published for thousands of readers. Yet I could control what I turned into my editor which is part of my 100% responsibility for my own success. When I interview someone, I make a point to show this person the article before I send it off to my editor to ensure I have the correct facts. I don't want this other person to rewrite my piece but I do want to have the correct facts. Taking this step preserves my relationship with that person. 

Now that you understand my basic philosophy, what do you do if you find an article which you want to share on social media, but it does not have an image? I quickly search for an image and add one. It sounds simple but its an action I didnt take for a long time. 

To add an image, take stock of what resources do you for photos? Some people take their own photos and others (like me) use a site with royalty-free images. No one can simply pull an image from another website because that image may have a copyright attached to it. Im not a lawyer but I do understand the necessity to be wise where you find and use your photos. I have several royalty-free sources. 

MockUp Shots is my primary tool to find royalty-free photos. For a low price, I got a lifetime access to royalty-free photos which I use in my blog articles and also in my social media posts which don't have a photo. The search process is simple and easy to use. Another reason to get MockUp Shots is they are continually adding new tools and resources.

Snagit I have used this tool for many years. Currently I have the 2003 version which also has access to a large selection of royalty-free images. It's another resource to consider in this area. 

Marketing expert Kim Garst wrote an article with links to many places with free stock photos. This site has a number of valuable ways to get these royalty-free photos.

As you post something to social media, it is critical to focus each one on the reader and what will attract them to read and process your information. If a photo will help you get more readers and more attention (a proven fact) then use these resources to add whatever is missing and get those readers. 

When you are missing something for a social media post like an image, what actions do you take? Let me know in the comments below.


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