Saturday, December 01, 2012

Read and Share with Others

Throughout my day, I receive a variety of newsletters and blog posts. Plus I'm reading about the world of publishing. As I read, I'm looking for the share buttons which could be in a sidebar or at the top or bottom of the article. With one click of these little buttons, you can pass the information in the article along to the people who follow you on Twitter or your Facebook friends.

I enjoyed reading what literary agent Rachelle Gardener wrote about wanting to throw a book across the room in a recent blog post. So I tweeted about it (see the link for my tweet).

Joan Stewart the Publicity Hound put a compilation of some of her tweets which contain valuable insights about working with journalists or editors or getting more publicity. So I tweeted about it (once again use this link for my tweet).

Today I was reading my local newspaper and on the front page was a fascinating feature about how bestselling novelist Philip Roth has decided to stop writing novels. At the age of 80, I applaud his decision and I tracked down the article, located the share buttons and tweeted about it.

Book Marketing Guru John Kremer has some great info statistics about social media. When I read it, I found the share buttons and tweeted about it.

To locate these buttons and use them only took seconds. It gives my twitter feed and my Facebook page fresh content—which is diverse and focused on my topic of publishing and writing. 

Are you using these buttons to pass along information on your topic and focus to your readers? It will help you grow your readership and increase your presence as an expert in your area of the market.

Finally, are you adding these share buttons to your own blog posts and websites? It is through these little share buttons that you spread the message to others and build your own visibility. 

Notice the buttons at the bottom of this post? That's why I include them each time. I hope you will use them to share with others.

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