Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catch The Replay Of Yesterday's Teleseminar

Does life seem a bit overwhelming at times and you wonder which way to jump? It happens to all of us--yes all of us. It is key when you are in one of these situations to push aside all of the noise and find the energy to focus on the task at hand and move it ahead toward completion.

It's what I've been doing lately since I've had the best of intentions to handle some matters which are not getting handled. There are several explosions of activity going on at the moment.

Yesterday I participated in two different teleseminars. They were great exchanges of information but the one in particular that I want to tell you about was the connection between platform and book proposals. It was a great class and you can listen to the replay online at this link. Or you can right click here (save link as) and immediately download the teleseminar to your computer or iPod.

During the call Rosey Dow mentioned ten special bonuses where people who attend the Spread the Word conference will get a 15-minute one-on-one session free with me during the conference. I'll use that time to listen to your book idea and look over your proposal and give you valuable feedback. In addition to my bonus, you will receive a free 30-minute consultation with Rosey Dow.

In this hurry up world, it's hard to get anyone to give you this important feedback about your proposal and pitch. It could make the critical difference between serious interest from a publisher or literary agent or instant rejection. As I've mentioned before in these entries about The Writing Life. Some experts have estimated that at any given time there are millions of manuscripts and proposals which are in circulation.

Just yesterday I was talking with a publisher at a major house. He told me that they have been pressed internally to find anything fresh and different--even with the agent proposals which they have been receiving. It's all in the pitch and positioning. If you haven't listened to Secrets About Proposals. I recommend you get this resource because through one workshop you can hear the perspective of eight different leading agents and editors about what attracted them to a particular book idea.

I hope you will seriously consider the opportunity to learn in Atlanta. Hope to see you there. Follow this banner to learn more:

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At 8:21 PM, Blogger Amy Wyatt Left a note...

I just saw this conference in Atlanta on your site. I wish I had known it was going on sooner.I'm so close I would have tried to attend. I have an Editorial Board meeting on that Friday not far from the Crowne Plaza. Hope you enjoy Atlanta while you are here. The weather should be just about perfect then. I'm busy trying to get ready for Glorietta. I'm excited to be going back this year... nervous but excited. Hopefully our paths will cross. Hope you are well. Sounds like you are busy!


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