Friday, March 21, 2008

Help For Audience Building

I'm involved with a couple of online group discussions. Recently several authors mentioned they had been spending a lot of effort on their marketing over the last few years yet now they had decided to cut back on that marketing activity and instead pouring the energy into their writing. I can appreciate these author's desire to improve their storytelling and writing craft. Every book will have to have good writing as the basic foundation. Yet at the same time, there are great books which never make any traction in the marketplace in terms of book sales because the author has not committed the effort and energy into building their audience. In my view this audience building doesn't have to be all consuming--but it does have to continually be a part of the process.

This process of building an audience involves a consistent effort and vision. No matter where you are in the process of publishing a book, are you writing a newsletter and adding to your list of subscribers. I've mentioned in the past the free 150-page Ebook which gives lots of advice about how to get content and build your list. Also I've mentioned that New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber has over 75,000 readers on her electronic newsletter list. She understands the power of this information to influence readers. You can follow this link to one of my older posts (then follow the links inside the post) for more information.

If you have no idea how to promote--or even if you do and need some fresh ideas, check out Joan Stewart's Publicity Hound materials. On this link, you can download four free ebooks with a wealth of ideas and information. Just click on each book cover to go to the download page. You will discover a wealth of material and ideas.

Finally I want to encourage you to sign up for a valuable FREE email course that I got from Jimmy D. Brown. Jimmy has created a number of courses online that he sells but this one is free. Just follow the link, go to the bottom of the page and add your first name and email address. Then for the next 21 days you will receive an email each day with Jimmy's insight. I set it up at this location and hope it helps you build your own audience.

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At 7:58 AM, Blogger Kristi Holl Left a note...

I read those posts too, and I think the main concern I heard overall was the lack of time to do the marketing. I'd be interested to hear how many of the big-time marketers do the work themselves. (Like Debbie M. whom you mentioned--she has four full-time assistants and two full-time publicists.) I'd love to know how many hours per week that successful marketers put in when they do it all themselves. (Thanks for the link to the 21-day email course!)

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Suzanne Lieurance Left a note...

Hi, Terry,

Thanks for the links to the free materials.

Kristi Holl brings up a good point, however. Just how much time is needed for this marketing? I know it's always a good idea to hire a VA as soon as you can. But what about writers who aren't able to do that yet?

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach
"When Your Pen Won't Budge, Read The Morning Nudge"

At 3:44 PM, Blogger David A. Todd Left a note...


I'd like to know, on the non-published--published continuum, when one shifts from writing and improving craft to working on marketing. If you have nothing published, and no immediate prospects, is there any point to be doing any marketing, except maybe--maybe--a blog and west site?


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