Sunday, December 10, 2006

Turn a Blog into a Blook

It's a common question that I hear from writers. Can I turn my blog entries into a book?  With a new blog launching every eight seconds, the simple answer is rarely.

A recent editorial from the Writer's Digest Editor, Kristin Godsey, complained about the proliferation of blogs from writers.  I was a bit amused with her editorial because from my view, blogs have their place--especially if they are focused on a single topic. A quick google search located this interview article with Kristin about self-publishing.

Today's New York Times included an interesting article by Liesl Schillinger titled, "Blogs into 'Blooks': The Cranky and the Chaste." Notice the variety of publishers in this one entry: Regan Books (an imprint of HarperCollins recently in the news because of the cancelled O.J. Simpson book) and W Publishing Company (an imprint of Thomas Nelson Publishers).

I hope you find this New York Times article interesting. I point it out but also I have the understanding that even to pitch such a project would require a solid book proposal and sample.

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