Sunday, December 03, 2006

Insight for Better Google Searches

GoogleThroughout my day on the computer, I often turn to Google for a number of different searches. Am I using it in the best possible way? Probably not.

I found this informative article from Michael Miller about smarter google searches. Much of the contents, I already knew but it served as a good reminder to improve my searches.

The final tip calls to your attention some of the specialized searches such as books, blogs, scholar journals, news sites and government websites.

If you use just one of these tips to improve your Google searches, you will improve your research skills as a writer. It’s something I’m constantly trying to improve in my own life. I learn about new tools, new sites and even new ways to use Google. Ultimately in a small way, it improves the amount of things I can accomplish in a single day. We each have the same 24 hours. Will you be using your time to the greatest possible results? 

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