Monday, June 12, 2006

A Couple of Resources

From time to time on these entries about the Writing Life, I’m including a number of resources. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned these particular tools in the past and hope they will help your own writing.

To Get Each Update

Last week I added FeedBlitz to these entries. I’m unsure which method you are using to regularly read these entries, FeedBlitz is an easy resource to make sure you get all of the various updates. They will come right to your email box if you subscribe with this form:

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To Get the Best Deal on Books

How do you search for books online? Bookfinder4U searches through 130 online bookstores and 70,000 booksellers with a single click. It’s worth investigation.

For Your Agent Search

I’ve often pointed to this article about the safest way to find an agent. The advice from Victoria Strauss is right on track and something to use in this process. Recently I returned to this agent search site. I searched for a number of agents—and did not find them in this system but I was surprised at some of the agents I did find in this site. It’s another place to use as a resource.

Information and General Web Help:

One of my friends, Gary Foster, puts together a fantastic newsletter every two weeks with valuable insight, facts and trends about the marketplace. If you’d like to learn more, just check out his archives for some excerpts. You don’t have to subscribe but can learn a great deal just from checking his archived information. You will be amazed and it might just be the extra statistic that you need for your book proposal or your magazine article query.

Another valuable resource is to check out what Sreenath Sreenivasan has going on his website. Subscribe to his newsletter, look at his various tips and links. You can learn a great deal from this Dean of Students at the Columbia School of Journalism. He has remarkable insight and keeps up on some of the latest technology.

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I just got FeedBlitz, too. I like it so far. Before I was using BlogFlux and it was too difficult to navigate the home page.



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