Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Publishing Location

Whether it is magazine or book publishing, many people instantly think of New York City.  A feature article, “Singing Nashville’s Praises” by Edward Nawotka in Publisher’s Weekly puts the spotlight on another place in the central portion of the United States. You can read the entire article and study the publishing numbers and statistics which contain a lot of great information.

Some people wonder why the rise of interest in spirituality in the marketplace. Thomas Nelson CEO and president Mike Hyatt provides insight in this article. Nawotka writes, “Hyatt attributes the success of inspirational publishing to three trends. The first is demographics: “As baby boomers grow older and confront their mortality, they are returning to their faith,” he says. Next is globalization, which is “bringing new religions to our shores and causing people to reconsider how they worship.” Last is the rise of megachurches, which turn preachers into celebrities (think Joel Osteen) and can turn out a huge audience for a single author appearance.”  These three trends make interesting food for thought. How can you write something which connects with one or two of these trends? It might be the missing key to your next book proposal.

If you carefully read and process this Publisher’s Weekly article on Nashville, you will learn about other publishers and some interesting statistics.

Finally, let me recommend another place to spend a bit of time reading. In the same June 19th issue of Publisher’s Weekly, the inside back cover of the magazine caught my attention with a bright green ad and the large words: big bad book blog  Everything you need to know to ROCK the book industry.  OK, I typed in the URL and went for a visit. I added this site to my blogroll. I didn’t get everything read but I’ll be returning often to see what I can learn here.

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At 9:00 AM, Blogger Richard L. Mabry, MD Left a note...

Interesting site. I could lose serious time browsing there. Your "blogroll" might soon replace Frasier reruns as my leisure activity of choice.
Now when am I supposed to write?


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