Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A New Look For Right-Writing.com

Since I launched Right-Writing.com over a year ago, about every three or four months, I’ve completely redesigned the site. This website includes many pages of articles and content yet in a matter of about 30 minutes, I had an entirely new look. While it looks like it would involve hours of creative work, it doesn’t because of the web tools that I’m using for this site.

For almost eight years, I’ve had a website. It took a lot of investigation and trial and error. Some of you may know that for about two years, I worked for a dot com. While the dot com failed (I was one of the last 45 employees), I learned a tremendous amount of information about what works and doesn’t work for websites.

To build any of the pages on Right-Writing.com, I’m using Site Build It. Behind the scenes, I have a number of different site templates to select. If I’m really web savvy (and I’m not), then I can even use my own pages and design. I’m not spending hours of site design and re-design. I’m using a WYSISWG (What You See Is What You Get) system—basically a point and click. Anyone can do it and if you are looking for a new system, I highly recommend it. The tool set is amazing behind the scenes. Plus the system allows you to build unlimited pages—and it automatically submits those pages to the various search engines. As a fellow writer told me recently, the search engine optimization package alone is worth the cost. The benefits far outweigh the expenses from my view.

I’m also trying to pull together the contents for another issue of Right Writing News. If you haven’t subscribed, please use this link. The link allows you to subscribe. The subscription system (built into Site Build It) is a double opt-in system which follows the international rules against SPAM. This welcome message will provide you with the link to my 16 back issues which are loaded with how-to writing content from a variety of authors.

Today I added a valuable how-to article from bestselling author Stephen Coonts. It’s on the front page of Right-Writing.com or you can use this link. Stephen encourages writers to start with what they know but takes this common advice into a bit more detail.

I hope you enjoy the new look for Right-Writing.com. Why change it? Because I can.

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