Friday, January 17, 2014

When the Interviewer Gets Interviewed

Have you ever had the tables turned on you? For many years, I've interviewed authors about their books. From those interviews, I've written many articles which have appeared in numerous magazines. As the interviewer, I've poured a great deal of energy into my preparation, learning the author's background, reading books and writing a series of questions.

I've done a number of radio interviews over the years but they have all been on the telephone. I've called a radio station or the station has called me and the interview has been done remote. Yesterday I had a different experience in this area. Kimberlee Martin, host of Real People of Orange County interviewed me. I went with her to the radio station of KUCI which has been broadcasting on the campus of the University of California Irvine 24 hours a day for years. 

We sat across a table from each other and both wore earphones and spoke into separate microphones. In this live radio broadcast, the tables were turned. Instead of asking questions, I was answering questions from Kimberlee. I enjoyed the experience. 

We talked about my latest book, Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams as well as Morgan James Publishing (check out the new website as of January 1st). Finally we talked about keeping up with changes like social media. While the interview was live, it was also recorded. You can download the entire program here (just right click and “save as” to save the file on your computer).

Also I've made this audio button so you can listen to the program on my blog:

I'm unsure if it will go through to the email version so you might have to return to the blog to use the button—just click this link and it will take you to the correct page.

I pass the interview along to you in hopes you will gain a great deal from this information.

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