Thursday, February 07, 2008

An Unusual Place for Courage

I find courage and inspiration in unusual places. In a small way, I try and point you toward those unusual places. I was fascinated to read the comments about my post from a couple of days ago where people wonder what you use to continue to be proactive and positive. It is not easy--for anyone--yet in the face of setbacks and discouragement, each of us need courage to keep going.

Several times in these entries, I've mentioned Cynthia Kersey, the author of Unstoppable for Women (an encouraging book). This morning I received an email that Kersey sent to her list with the link to her appearance on the Big Idea at CNBC talking about Millionaire Secrets. Before you roll your eyes at the title and discount it, I'd encourage you to take less than five minutes and watch this little segment.

I found it so encouraging and inspirational that I watched it twice--and may even go back for a third time. In case you don't watch Kersey's clip, here's the five unusual points she makes then quickly illustrates with great stories:

1. Facts Are the Enemy of the Truth

2. Don't Fight a Problem, Solve it.

3. Don't mistake success for failure. You have to be able to bear setbacks.

4. Develop your inner circle. Find people to support you.

5. Awaken your inner optimist. Don't listen to the nay sayers.

I love these truths. Whether you listen to the voices in your head or the people around you, each of us have the little messages in our heads and hearts. Look for inspiration and courage in unusual places. It's definitely available if you are looking.

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At 4:37 PM, Blogger Suzanne Lieurance Left a note...


Great clip. I see so many people fighting their problems instead of trying to solve them. They make a problem such a BIG deal that they let it defeat them.

A problem is just a problem, something to be solved. It is NOT a reason to quit.

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach
"When Your Pen Won't Budge, Read the Morning Nudge"

At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Left a note...

James Brausch just recently released a book about his life - going from drug addict, homeless to owning a Freedom Business System and living the life of his dreams.

I think anywhere we find inspiration, it gives us the courage to carry on and never give up.


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