Friday, August 31, 2007

Writing for the Christian Market Now Available

Several months ago I was talking with my friend, Bob Bly, about Ebooks. He knows that for many years I've been writing in the Christian market. He suggested that I write an Ebook called, Writing for the Christian Market. In fact, Bob and I worked together on the project and he edited the book, arranged for the cover design and the design for the interior.

I've poured a lot of my background and experience into this new product and hope you will benefit from getting it and learning from my insight into how to write for various publications and publishers. If you read these entries often, you know that I'm constantly learning new methods and using different software and techniques. It's part of how I continue to grow and improve in my craft of writing. I'm also someone who handles most of the routine parts of the marketing and website efforts. Many years ago I had a "webmaster" and found it a poor experience not to be able to update my own website--and update it when I want it updated. I know many other writers have chosen to go a different way with this matter. I've decided to learn some basics about website, copywriting and some other skills which are often delegated to others.

Because I worked with Bob Bly on this project, I benefited from his prodding and clarification of different aspects of the book. He pushed me for some answers to different questions and resources in the book which on my own I probably would not have included. It's one of the benefits to working with someone else on the production of this type of project. Every writer can benefit from a good editor.

Bob arranged for the designer who created a beautiful cover for the Ebook and also the links inside the book are active for the reader. It's a feature which I have not learned how to execute. To this entry, I'm adding an image of the interior of the Table of Contents for Writing for the Christian Market. While the image is small here, I hope you can see the little lines underneath each number. They are links which take you immediately to the appropriate page within the Ebook.

To launch Writing for the Christian Market, I'm holding a free teleseminar on Wednesday, September 5th where people can ask their questions about writing for the Christian market. I will answer them during this teleseminar. A special mystery guest magazine editor has agreed to join part of the teleseminar. He's the editor of one of the best publications where writers can break into the Christian market and will be providing insight about how to catch his attention when you pitch your magazine ideas. I'd encourage you to sign up at for this free teleseminar. If you can't attend at that time, you will be notified where you can listen to the replay of the session.

I'm celebrating the release of this new Ebook into the marketplace.

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At 6:04 PM, Blogger Heather Ivester Left a note...

Wow -- congratulations on the release of your new book! It looks fantastic, and I'm sure it will be helpful to those of us writing for the Christian market.

I have a couple of Bob Bly's books on my bookshelves -- he's been a great source of inspiration as well.

The cover is beautiful!

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Left a note...

I am friends with Martha Rogers and had planned on visiting with you at the Texas Christian Writers Conference in Houston last month. At the last minute, I had to attend a work-related software conference in Colorado - and missed the writing conference. I am thrilled to hear about your e-book and look forward to learning more about writing in the Christian market. Thanks for your insight and sharing your experiences! Blessings!


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