Friday, July 13, 2007

Integration and Moving

For some time I've had the feeling that my days on blogspot were numbered. Yes, I have written over 680 entries on Google's tool, Blogger so there is a lot of information in these entries about The Writing Life. It always amazes me how people will comment on some entry that I wrote several years ago--but it happens infrequently.

Three or four times over the last six months, I've been told that I need to be on Word Press and to get off blogger. Yes, it took several times before I got the message. I was fighting the typical resistance each of us have to making a shift in how we've been doing something. The most recent encouragement came when I was listening to some CDs from Mega Book Marketing 2006 in Orlando, Florida. Armand Morin told about taking the country music world with an unknown country singer and placing the record on the Billboard music charts. Morin is one of the top Internet marketers. It turns out that Morin confessed to being the country artist that was promoted in this manner--Michael Lee Austin. One of the keys that Morin used to get this buzz was a Word Press blog. He made it crystal clear in his presentation that it wasn't a blog on blogger but on Word Press. He had the Nashville music executives calling him and wanting to know exactly how he achieved such an instant success. He gives the details in his presentation and it came from keen Internet marketing.

For some time, I've had several separate sites and I'm now working to bring them into one location. I've taken some of the initial steps. You can see if you go to Right-Writing.com and look at the top button under the home page--which says "Right-Writing Blog." If you check out this button it takes you to my new Word Press blog. Word Press has a tool which imported all of my entries on blogger (over 680 of them plus all of the various comments (more than 1600 comments). Like any move, everything is still in transition and not perfect but it is in motion. I'll get it merged together in short order. One of the elements which is only partially changed over is my blogroll but that will be handled in the next few days.

I have not changed my feedblitz subscription--yet. If you are reading this entry using that method (and more than 200 people are using this system), when I make this change I will change the feed so it comes from my current blog and not the old one. There is no need to resubscribe or change and that transition should be fairly seamless. My challenge is going to be the various links. Many people have used the blogspot address instead of the URL which I have had pointing at the blog: http://www.thewritinglife.ws/.

Watch for the changes.They are in motion.

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At 11:34 AM, Blogger Iris Godfrey Left a note...

Question??? Why will Word Press generate more readership? Why does it matter where you have the blog? What does Word Press do commercially that others do not do?
Thank you.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


I am no expert but I've heard it repeatedly so I'm going to follow the counsel. I have no idea why it matters but apparently it does--from the counsel of several of the top Internet marketing gurus who measure traffic, test their headlines and all that other complicated stuff that I don't know anything about. We're talking about folks who test their conversion rates (a wise business measure) and know what they are doing.

Each person has to make their own determination here. I'm trying to alert my audience about what I have in motion--a move to Word Press.


At 3:14 PM, Blogger Heather Ivester Left a note...

Congratulations on your move to WordPress! I've been very happy with my WordPress blog for nearly two years -- though I didn't realize it was a wise decision from a marketing standpoint.

I think it's easier for blog readers to leave comments using WordPress. And you don't have to go through blogger profile to see who left you a comment; the link is direct to their site.

I hope your transition is a smooth one!

At 5:49 AM, Blogger Jean Wise Left a note...

Terry, Your information came at the right time for me as I was thinking of switching to a new place also and will consider WordPress. Like Iris, I wonder why they are working better than the others. But as in any new technology after awhile the "cream rises to the top" and maybe they will be ( or are already) the industry leaders for blog sites. Again thanks for the info. Jean Wise

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Richard L. Mabry, MD Left a note...

You may say you're behind the curve, but I've found that you're often ahead of it. I haven't left blogspot yet, but have opened a Word Press account and made an initial post as a placeholder of sorts.
The "dashboard" there seems pretty intuitive, but eventually I may have to read the directions. The one thing I've appreciated already is that Word Press works with my Mac's "Safari" appication, whereas for blogspot I have to use another utility, such as Firefox.
I'll keep an eye on your progress. Thanks for the tip.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...

Hello Everyone,

I've figured out that I need to be on a Word Press hosting site--and not using the free version (which has restrictions--for their own security--so they say). I received this great article today about how to use Wordpress. It's worth checking out.


At 7:52 AM, Blogger Gina Conroy Left a note...

I switched from blogger to Wordpress right before Blogger changed so the transition was smooth. I love the features of Wordpress, though I did note a drop in readership since most of my readers were on blogger.

I'm gaining new readership, but don't know how to get the old ones back. Then again, maybe I really didn't have them. :)

I'd love to hear more about your transition!

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Bonnie S. Calhoun Left a note...

Ultimately what you do is up to you, but since you use a classic template and not a 'new blogger' template...and by changing the URL, it will put your SEO in the crapper anyway...I'd just FTP your blogger blog to your own website instead of switching to WordPress.

Way less headaches. For example...all those posts that you uploaded...how many of them contained JavaScript? It won't work in it's present format on WordPress. They prefer that you use PHP. You can still use Jave, but each instance requires extra steps.

I also don't know what your have to do to keep your Writing Tips Javascript working, or if the change will be compatable across the board with all of the sites, and blogs that have it loaded on their pages.

And as for your SEO, when you change the URL, you will lose all of your present pagerank authority...and all of those thousands of links you have out there in the world will no longer be valid...but that part I think you know already!

Don't mind me...I'm just prejudice...LOL...I signed the non-disclosure aggreement with Google, I'm one of the Official Google Blog*Stars that dispense blogging advice and help on the Blogger Help Boards! :-)

At 2:19 AM, Blogger Allen jeley Left a note...

nice idea


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