Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Raise Your Voice


Last year marked the first year The Quill Book Awards. It’s a consumer-driven program to select the best books for the year. For many of these book awards, a series of judges select the winners. For The Quill Book Awards, the public votes—between now and September 30th. You have a chance to raise your voice and select these books—but only if you vote. If you don’t know about the books, there is information with each book to help you learn about each title.

As you vote, it will be a learning experience about how books are divided into different categories—something many people outside of publishing don’t generally pause to consider. Let me call several books to your attention on this list:

1. In the Romance category, Beverly Lewis wrote The Preacher’s Daughter from Bethany House. It is one of the few faith-based books on the entire list of books.

2. In the Religion/ Spirituality category, I’m pulling for Mama Made a Difference by T. D. Jakes. I would hope Bishop Jakes will win in this category. Just so you know last year Deepak Chopra won in this category.

No matter who wins, everyone should participate. It will help you learn about some bestselling books and think about some different categories of books than you normally select. I recommend each person vote.

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At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Left a note...

Thanks for the heads-up, Terry. Two great nominations. I love hearing that CBA titles are in the running.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Crystal Laine Left a note...

I definitely voted and it was so interesting to see which books had been nominated. Thanks for passing on this info.


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