Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bookmarks Hold Your Reading Place

When you read a printed book, do you use a bookmark to hold your place? Or do you bend down the corner? Or do you stick anything into the book to hold your place—like a business card or any little piece of paper?

Because I've been in book publishing for many years, I've always been fascinated with with bookmarks. Over the years, I've created bookmarks that promote my books and I give them away when I attend conferences.

Big Five 3D Bookmark
Also when I walk around book trade shows like the recent Book Expo, I'm always on the lookout for some different types of bookmarks. Book Expo has miles of trade show exhibitors and some of those small exhibitors are displaying bookmarks and bookmark-related materials. 

Artgame is one of the places which caught my attention at Book Expo. Their beautiful 3D bookmarks almost jump off the page. If you are unfamiliar with their work (as I was), just follow this link to look at their 3D products. They gave me a copy of the bookmark called Big Five with five African animals and they nearly leap off the page with the 3D technology. 

Also they gave me a copy of a bookmark called Sam which is Uncle Sam pointing his finger and saying “I want you.” As you move the bookmark, his finger moves around.

I tend to use a bookmark like Big Five over and over in different books and it's a fun way to enhance my reading experience. Occasionally I will lose a bookmark when I leave it in a book such as a library book. 

Most of the time, the bookmark is tucked into my desk drawer for the next book that I will be reading. In general, it is rare that I lose them.

How about you? Do you use bookmarks? Some people collect bookmarks. Do you? If you are a writer, do you create bookmarks to promote your books? I'd love to hear your insights and comments about these tools.

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